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Meet Matthews 


Creative Communications Professional

Experiential & Organizational Therapist


Founder and Director of Betterrlife Communications, Life Research and Human Development OrganizationWith over three decades of studies in diverse fields of human endeavours and relationships, Sciences, Arts, Communications, Education, Healthcare, Leadership and Management, he leads a flexi-team of independent professional affiliates drawn from diverse domains committed to serving people across the socio-economic spectrum from nations

around the world. 

He and his organization are devoted to helping people get the best out of their life and work. An Experiential and Organizational Therapist, Matthews helps people battling relationship challenges, self-management, self-excellence and self-actualization challenges that prevent them from enjoying a fuller life their due.   

With a passion for human beings of all descriptions and a fervent resolve to help humanity evolve into its potential best, he offers his professional services to organizations, Governments and educational institutions in achieving personal and collective excellence that translate to growth, progress, prosperity and meaningful life.

Betterrlife exudes the spirit of this multi-faceted personality and his desire to make this world a better place to live in for all people alike.    



Matthews Andrews represents over 30 years of experience and expertise as an Advertising and  Mass Communications professional with core competencies in writing, visualizing and coming up with strategic and creative communication solutions for brands across the industry spectrum. Equally adept at print, film, digital and OOH communications, Matthews advocates studied communications based on solid research. 

He has been aboard a handful of reputed national advertising agencies in India as a Writer, Copy Head and Creative Director. His creative ideas, strategies, creative direction and writings could steer

several known brands to success. 

With his people-building and management skills combined with creativity, versatility, organizational and leadership competences he could add significant value to the offerings of advertising agencies and organizations he has been partnering with.

Life is an experience of experiences. We love them, trust them and seek them.
The substance of life that holds body-mind dynamics in harmony with the external environment governs our consciousness, cognitive capacities and character, that give shape to the life we come to experience. They teach us, transform us and heal us continually. 

Matthews plugs into the emerging Science and Art of designing and delivering experiences and employs experiential therapy tools and techniques to help you
successfully navigate life, make sense of it and meaningfully plug into it
to your delight and content.

If you are a business or organization (profit-making or non-profit making), Matthews helps you enhance your organizational well-being, efficiency and effectiveness with studied solutions that apply specifically to you and your
business conditions and challenges. 
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